Operational Directives

Transitional Jobs
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OD_03_18 Rev F1 Transitional Jobs
Form_CAR_008 Universal Worksite Monitoring Record COVID
Form_TJS_003 WEX Worksite Performance Review 062218
Form_TJS_004 Transitional Jobs Agreement template 051619
Form_CAR_007_WX_Reimburse_Request 110619
Form_TJS_005 Participant Survival Guide
TRN_TJS_001 REV D CalJOBS Transitional Jobs Reference Guide
TRN_BSC_001 Emplyr Module User Assist Guide Revised 051619
Form_WEX_001E WX- TJ Timesheet-Biweekly-05042020 Electornic 05082020
This WIOA, Title 1-financially assisted program/service is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to people with disabilities and/or limited English. To learn more about Equal Opportunity click here.