Document Release Date Control Number Download
PELL Grant Funds Acknowledgement 05/07/2021 STA-216
Drug Testing Disclosure Form 05/07/2021 GEN-014
CalJOBs Training and Reference Guide for Skills Training 05/07/2021 TRN-STA-002 Revision F
Participant Training Progress Report 05/07/2021 STA-221
Skills Training Agreement 05/07/2021 STA-220
Spanish Career Track Application 05/07/2021 CAR-005sp
Career Track Application 05/07/2021 CAR-005
Monthly Young Adult Exit Survey Summary Report 03/04/2021 QUA-037
Young Adult System Exit Survey 03/04/2021 QUA-036
YAS APPLICANT Questionairre 02/03/2021 YTH-002E
YAS Entrance Interview Form 02/03/2021 YTH-002E
YAS Employer Screening Interview form 02/03/2021 INT-002E
YAS CPP Prescreening Criteria 02/03/2021 INT-001E
Document Release Date Control Number Download
Supportive Services Manual 11/12/2020 SUP-001
Needs Related Payment Approval 11/12/2020 SUP-006E
Pre-Employment Interview / Relocation Request 11/12/2020 SUP-008E
Pre – Employment Interview/ Relocation Expense Report 11/12/2020 SUP-009E
Supportive Services Self-Certification – electronic 11/12/2020 SUP-002E
Universal COVID Worksite Monitoring Form 10/06/2020 CAR-008
CalJOBs Funding Transfer Request 08/28/2020 FIS-013
CASAS Participant Letter 07/30/2020 ASM-008
CASAS Proctor Script 07/30/2020 ASM-009
IMAGO Account Creation 07/30/2020 Attachment OD 05-17
Equipment Loan Agreement Form 07/24/2020 GSA-002
CalJOBS Reference Guide for On the Job Taining 07/23/2020 TRN-OJT-002
COVID-19 Screening Tool 07/16/2020 GEN-013
Waiver Request Form – electronic 06/03/2020 QUA-194E
Work Experience/Transitional Jobs Bi-Weekly Timesheet – electronic 05/22/2020 WEX-001E
Public Education Entity Bi-Weekly Time Sheet – electronic 05/22/2020 STA-218E
Youth Contract – electronic 05/22/2020 REG-112E
Interest Worksheet – electronic version 05/22/2020 REG-104E
Job Track Application – electronic 05/22/2020 JOB-001E
Youth Applicant Questionnaire – electronic 05/22/2020 YTH-002E
SRT Schedule Policy and Appointment Sheet – electronic 05/22/2020 UNI-005E
Individual Participation Agreement – electronic 05/22/2020 REG-116E
Universal Release of Information – electronic 05/22/2020 REG-100E
SRT Questionnaire – electronic 05/22/2020 REG-106E
Media Release – electronic 05/22/2020 MCD-004E
Nepotism Statement- electronic 05/22/2020 REG-111E
Applicant Statement – electronic 05/22/2020 GEN-001E
Bi-Weekly Timesheet – electronic 05/22/2020 GEN-002E
Summary Customer Complaint Procedures – electronic 05/22/2020 QUA-031E
CalJOBS Reference Guide for Supportive Services 04/22/2020 TRN-SUP-002 Rev C1 View More
Process Waiver Request 01/28/2020 QUA-194
Document Release Date Control Number Download
Work Experience Agreement 11/06/2019 WKX-019
Employer Services Module Users Assistance Guide 05/16/2019 TRN-BSC-001
Transitional Jobs Work-site Agreement 05/16/2019 TJS-004
Request for Amendment to OJT Agreement 04/23/2019 OJT-012
Skills Training Scholarship Application 03/15/2019 STA-004
Supportive Services Request 02/05/2019 SUP-007
Document Release Date Control Number Download
Community Pro Users Guide 12/06/2018 none
CalJOBS Reference Guide for Work Experience 11/27/2018 TRN-WEX-002
Transitional Jobs Participant Guide 11/16/2018 TJS-005
Interest Worksheet 09/05/2018 REG-104
Summary Program and Discrimination Complaint Filing Procedure 08/29/2018 QUA-031
Local Data Change Request 08/22/2018 TEC-002
Bi-Weekly Timesheet 08/14/2018 GEN-002
Applicants Statement 08/14/2018 GEN-001
PEE Bi-Weekly Timesheet 08/14/2018 STA-218
Occupation Self-Certification 08/14/2018 STA-208
Employer Reimbursement Invoice 08/13/2018 OJT-006
Provider of Services OJT Monitoring Form 08/13/2018 OJT-008
OJT Contract Amendment Request 08/13/2018 OJT-012
OJT Scholarship Checklist 08/13/2018 OJT-018
Scholarship Checklist 08/13/2018 STA-207
OJT Scholarship Application and Rating Matrix 08/13/2018 OJT-019
OJT Occupational Self-Certification 08/13/2018 OJT-003
OJT Employer Eligibility Checklist (reference only) 08/13/2018 OJT-001
OJT Agreement Template 08/13/2018 OJT-020
CalJOBS Reference Guide for Transitional Jobs 07/05/2018 TRN-TJS-001
Work Experience Reimbursement Request 07/05/2018 CAR-007
Fresno County Eligibility Technical Assistance Guide 06/26/2018 ELI-003
Transitional Jobs Timesheet 06/22/2018 TJS-001
Transitional Jobs Supervisor – Participant Performance Review 06/22/2018 TJS-003
Youth WEX Timesheet – Bi-monthly 06/19/2018 WKX-009
Work-site Supervisor – Youth Performance Review 06/19/2018 WKX-018
Youth WEX Supervisor Manual 06/19/2018 WKX-007
Youth WEX Survival Guide 06/19/2018 WKX-010
Youth WEX Timesheet – Bi-weekly 06/19/2018 WKX-008
Youth Universal Referral 06/19/2018 YTH-006
AVi Soft Skills Upgrade Enrollment 04/26/2018 JOB-012
Aztec Assessment Remediation Tool 04/19/2018 TRN-ASM-001
Spanish CalJOBS Registration Form 04/13/2018 REG-114sp
CalJOBS Registration Form 04/13/2018 REG-114
Provider Statement – ADA 02/13/2018 GEN-004
Nepotism Disclosure Form 02/13/2018 REG-111
Job Readiness Workshop Evaluation 01/12/2018 JOB-011
Document Release Date Control Number Download
WIOA Participant Outstanding Achievement Award Application 12/13/2017 GEN-009
Adult Employer of Excellence Award Application 12/13/2017 GEN-008
Youth Employer of Excellence Award Application 12/13/2017 GEN-007
SRT Questionnaire 11/30/2017 REG-106
Youth Monthly Financial Report 09/13/2017 FIS-010
Special Projects Monthly Financial Report 09/13/2017 FIS-011
Adult Monthly Financial Status Report 09/13/2017 FIS-003
Job Ready Checklist 07/11/2017 JOB-003
Mock Interview Checklist 07/11/2017 JOB-005
Partner Referral Form Level 1 07/06/2017 REG-108
Partner Referral Form Level 2 07/06/2017 REG-109
Career Pillar Certificate of Completion 07/06/2017 GEN-006
Release of Liability 06/14/2017 CON-024
Storage Box Label Template 05/31/2017 GSA-001
GAIN Verification Letter 05/16/2017 ASM-010
I-Train Training Program Data Change Form 04/21/2017 ETP-009
Document Release Date Control Number Download
Spanish Resource Room Dress Code 11/30/2016 UNI-004sp View More
Agency Summary of Services Checklist 08/18/2016 REG-101
Universal Release of Information 06/06/2016 REG-100 View More
Media Release of Liability 05/26/2016 MCD-004
Workforce Connection OJT Flyer Template 05/25/2016 BSC-015
Letter of Introduction Template 05/25/2016 BSC-014
HR Hotline Flyer 2015 05/25/2016 BSC-016
Job Shadow Packet 04/01/2016 YTH-007
Document Release Date Control Number Download
Youth Orientation (PowerPoint) 08/18/2015 YTH-005
Program Complaint Form 06/24/2015 QUA-029
Discrimination Complaint Form 06/24/2015 QUA-028
Summary Complaint Procedure Form 06/24/2015 QUA-031
Data Change Request 06/11/2015 TEC-002
Document Release Date Control Number Download
Job Seeker Satisfaction Site Data Summary Worksheet 10/07/2014 QUA-035
Training Related Pre-Exit Placement Survey Tool – Spanish 10/07/2014 QUA-038sp
Training Related Pre-Exit Placement Survey Tool 10/07/2014 QUA-038
Spanish Pre-Exit Placement Survey Tool 10/07/2014 QUA-034S
Pre-Exit Placement Survey Tool 10/07/2014 QUA-034
Spanish Universal Services Survey Tool 10/07/2014 QUA-032sp
Universal Services Survey tool 10/07/2014 QUA-032
WIA Parent/Student Contract 01/28/2014 REG-112
Work Experience Certificate 01/23/2014 WKX-004
Document Release Date Control Number Download
Business Rating Form & Matrix 08/08/2013 BSC-001
SRT Schedule Policy and Appointment Sheet 07/23/2013 UNI-005
SRT Script 07/23/2013 UNI-002
SRT Schedule Policy and Appointment Sheet 07/17/2013 UNI-005
Spanish Job Track Application 05/30/2013 JOB-001sp
Document Release Date Control Number Download
ERS Work Readiness Checklist 10/26/2012 JOB-004 View More
Job Seeker Introduction Letter 10/26/2012 JOB-006
Business Services Center Follow-up form 09/26/2012 BSC-012
BSC and Conference Room Request Form 09/26/2012 BSC-008
Focus Forward Leadership Activity 05/02/2012 YTH-003
Document Release Date Control Number Download
Youth Applicant Questionnaire 09/30/2011 YTH-002
Youth Program Entrance Interview 09/30/2011 YTH-001
Document Release Date Control Number Download
Job Track Application 09/30/2009 JOB-001
Document Release Date Control Number Download
Employer Profile 10/24/2008 BSC-011
Document Release Date Control Number Download
Partner Co-Enrollment & Referral Process 11/28/2005 PGM-REG-001 Revision B
Document Release Date Control Number Download
Communicating Aggressive Behavior 04/13/2004 WIB-QUA-009 Revision A
Client Incident Report 04/03/2004 QUA-020
Secondary Screening Process 01/28/2004 ADW-JOB-002
Document Release Date Control Number Download
Security Response Process 04/13/2003 WIB-GSA-001 Revision A
This WIOA, Title 1-financially assisted program/service is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to people with disabilities and/or limited English. To learn more about Equal Opportunity click here.